Paid Search

Unicorns Lab aims to be the Paid Search Partner of choice for our clients. We are primarily a Google advertising agency in London focusing on Google Ads(formerly known as Google Adwords), and also specialise in Bing Ads and Bing search.

Our client focus helps us get an in-depth understanding of their specific needs enabling us to design highly targeted campaigns that are scalable and futuristic. The backbone of our paid search campaigns is their bespoke strategy because a sound strategy is the heart and soul of a paid search campaign. Further, our in-house tools and software facilitate insightful analysis and speedy optimisation on a continual basis. This means your business will always reach the target audience quickly, at the most opportune time, and at the lowest possible cost, thus beating the competition. Some of the things we do in order to achieve this include but are not limited to PPC strategy, data tracking and analysis, bid optimisation, keyword research, Google Ads and Bing Ads management, and A/B testing and optimisation.

We are all set to be a leading PPC marketing agency in London with our great combo of in-house tech, bespoke strategy, innovation and creativity, industry experts, client focus, audience connect and, continual performance tracking along with insightful analysis and speedy optimisation leading to consistently improving outcomes. So, whether you are looking for a PPC marketing agency in London, or more specifically, a Google advertising agency in London that delivers phenomenal success for its clients, you have arrived!

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