Amazing Websites

Keeping the customer at the helm, Unicorns Lab offer web solutions that are targeted and scalable. Thus, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose from a variety of options, based on their immediate need and the progression of their business, when it comes to website solutions. This means that they can start from a brochure website and later on scale up to a catalogue or e-commerce website as their business grows instead of starting from a higher category website and incurring unnecessary costs. /p>

Brochure Website: A brochure website is ideal to register a business’s web presence and provides potential customers a sneak peak of the products or services offered, like a digital brochure, while being visually engaging to drive sales, low on budget, low maintenance, SEO friendly and optimised for desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Catalogue Website: A catalogue website is a step further from a brochure website. It acts as an online catalogue which allows a business to display the range of products or services offered and their pricing resulting in lead generation.

E-Commerce website: An e-commerce website is the most advanced form of website a business can have. Compared to a catalogue website, it offers the added functionality of making online sales through the inclusion of online sales and payment platforms thereby driving conversions.

We help our clients choose the apt bespoke solution, depending on the stage their business is at currently and the future growth vision, resulting in phenomenal business success.

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